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Adoption of Emma Grace

Our 1st adoption entered the beginning stages of consideration in 2000. By mid 2001, after prayerfully being led to adopt from China, we began the myriad of meetings and killing a number of small trees in completing the vast amount of paperwork required. The delays from the attacks on our country on September 11th coupled with the outbreak of SARS in China found us waiting patiently for the day that we would receive the okay to travel. That day came in early July 2003 and on July 28th, Gotcha Day - we received Emma unto ourselves, adopted into our family forever and ever! We traveled to China with 11 other families, many of whom we have seen various times over the past 9 years. Annually, we get together with 2-3 of those families and relive the joy of our blessed journey together as friends, watching the “China Sister’s” grow up, and blessed beyond compare to experience one of God’s greatest gifts of our lives, our precious Emma Grace.


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